Why are we doing this project?

Maybe you have had this experience:

Someone nearby collapses and is not responding?

What do you do?

Sudden Cardiac Arrest can happen anytime, anyplace to anyone!

Are you prepared?

If an AED is applied within 2 ·minutes of collapse there is a 90% chance of survival. If an AED is applied within 3 minutes there is a 74% chance of survival.

The chances of surviving a cardiac arrest with no help ... 5%.

In the city of Seattle, Washington, survival rates jumped dramatically combined when a victim had both CPR AND and AED applied within minutes.


What is an Automated External Defibrillator?

Called an AED,  it is a device designed to deliver an electric life saving shock to a victim of sudden cardiac arrest. AED's have ¬∑ become common and are viewed as a reasonable standard of care.

By having an AED at located in places that are heavily trafficked such as our shopping centers, the power to save a life and with the widespread use of AED's as many as 50,000 lives can be saved every year.


Estimated project cost:

Initial $25,000 plus annual servicing of $2,000.


Funds will be raised from various fundraisers such as the Rotary Casino Night on September 23, 2017 at the firehouse ballroom in Sandy Spring; the Olney Rotary Roadside Ribs project to follow one of the Olney Farmer's markets in the summer, and other activities along the way.


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